Corruption objectified

Project : to design a visual installation on objects of corruption in the context of the annual OECD Integrity Forum 2016

Period : Jan-March 2016

Partners : OECD, Sciences Po Unversity collective projects

Artistic direction: Bruno Freyssinet
Integrity Forum OECD Team: Jeroen Michels with Felicitas Neuhaus and David Hanel
Projet collectif  Sciences Po Paris: Manon Coyne, Damien Dotter, Patricia Gautier, Sahar Hasan
Artistic collaboration: Sonia Vandomme

Pierre Freyssinet, Université Faclab Cergy-Pontoise,
Muriel Poisson (IIPE Unesco), JK D-W, Kristina Vegera, Des Organismes Vivants


What links a shiny bottle of Champagne, a leaking rice bag, a cobbled taximeter and a worn-out football shoe? They all had a role to play in a little story of corruption.

Corruption Objectified is the product of a joyful cooperation between the Integrity Forum team, La Transplanisphere and a team of Sciences Po Students. They choosed to explore the integrity topic in an different way, collecting symbolic objects of corruption associated to their stories. The result is a promenade offered to the audience, a concrete introduction to the multiple dimensions of a stake that may appear (sometimes) so difficult to fathom and so complicated to get to grips with.

What is, according to you, the most accurate object of corruption? Will you find it somewhere among the collection visible here? Please let us know, as we expect suggestions for the next experience!


The project

The exhibition Corruption Objectified is a first step of a future european project that wishes to question corruption: 50 Shades of Integrity. Co designed by 7 organisations coming from different backgrounds, the experience will associate artistic and civic approaches. It will also be based on the public participation and involvement. The partners are convinced that artists and experts have a dialog to initiate in order to bring creativity in the public debate on the corruption stakes.