Project: youth exchange series of projects on the relationship and co-creation capacity between Europeans and migrants

Websites :

Trust2 Decameron Italy,

Trust Paris


Period: 2016-2018

The Transplanisphere
KJT Theater Dortmund (Germany)
Teatro Rigodon (Rieti, Italy)
Ex Quorum (Evora, Portugal)


Erasmus + (European program on Education)

OFAJ / DFJW (Franco German Office for Youth)


Cité des Sciences (Paris)
City of Rocca Sinibalda and Leonessa (Italy)
City of Nanterre (Paris)
City of Dortmund (Germany)


Four theaters from Germany, France, Italy and Portugal are associated for the Trust Encounter Series.

TRUST meetings offer creative workshops based on theater, music and visual arts, including youth groups and professional artists.

4 meetings have already been proposed, supported by Erasmus + (European program on Education) and by OFAJ / DFJW (Franco German Office for Youth):

INTEGRITA / The appesso, in summer 2016 in Rocca Sinibalda, Italy (80km from Rome)
TRUST, in spring 2017 in Paris and Nanterre (Cité des Sciences, Agora, OECD)
TRUST 2 Decameron, in summer 2017 in Leonessa and Rocca Sinibalda, Italy
Roots of Trust, spring 2018 in Dortmund (Germany)

The question that lies at the heart of the Roots of Trust project: how is it possible, at a time of great migratory movements, terrorist acts and multifaceted populism, to defend values ​​that are essential for an open and free European society?

In a different way, Germany, France, Italy and Portugal have been strongly affected by migration in recent years. We are going through a deep crisis in relation to the original European idea. Can Europe, the cradle of humanism, still defend human rights and democracy? Can the European project go beyond the idea of ​​a common “European market”? Where can we find our shared roots as Europeans?

These are questions we can ask ourselves, as Britain leaves the EU and nationalist movements gain strength in many countries. What are our common roots?

The European idea is much older than the EU. Shakespeare tells stories of the Danish prince Hamlet, Goethe of the Iphignie emigration while Molière creates immortal comedies inspired by the Commedia dell’arte. Sagas, tales and myths join us across borders and have generated a great European cultural space.

Our project wants to explore these “roots”. To this end, we use theater and its unique opportunities to tell stories. Participants are invited to bring with them the history, music, artistic techniques and personal experiences of their home countries. Trust enables young people to engage actively and responsibly in their identity and to face the challenges and opportunities that migration brings to a Europe in motion.

The partners want to facilitate an inclusive dialogue based on the respect and trust shared by migrants, refugees and Europeans. By telling stories of people, the theater has the power to touch and generate empathy about issues beyond the fate of individuals. If things we do not know scare us, knowing a person and his story allows us to be empathic. This is where the project crystallizes.

In a creative and playful way, a bridge is built with stories from Germany, France, Italy, Portugal, but also from Syria, Africa, Albania and other countries. These stories focus on the common needs of human beings, regardless of nationality or religion.

Trust allows young Europeans to meet young refugees and migrants: participants from different social strata and cultures try a conviviality characterized by peace and solidarity. The results will be disseminated through presentation / performance in public as well as through social networks and the press.

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