sas (science-art-society)

Project: Work in residence process to integrate science and art as tools for experimentation and understanding of the world


Period: 2015 – ongoing

La métonymie

IAS Institute of Space Astrophysics
Diagonal Saclay

Since 2015, Transplansiphere has teamed up with La métonymie (digital art company) to jointly create Le sas (science-art-society), with a first residency at Paris-Sud Saclay University as part of the IAS (Institute of Space Astrophysics, still in progress) and a second residency at the City of Science and Industry (2017).

sas, science-art-society, is a work-in-residence process that proposes to integrate science and art as tools for experimenting and understanding the world. It mobilizes scientists, artists, teachers and students to question together the major issues of our time. To implement its actions, the airlock relies on a transversal partnership in Ile de France and connects different actors and public of the territory. It also aims to be connected to Europe by enabling the circulation of projects, audiences and works (notably thanks to the Erasmus + program).

Together, the actors of an airlock project enter into research to learn, experiment, discover and create. The works of science and art resulting from this collaboration cross the living arts of the show and the digital.



the sas-cité offers Intimité, a collection of micro videos created as part of a writing workshop. From March to June 2017, 25 participants intervened regularly or occasionally. They were artists, scientists, actors of the Cité des Sciences or members of the public. In the form of a workshop, they met for 8 sessions at the Cité de la santé, the Cité des métiers and the Digital Crossroads2 of the Cité des Sciences.

With Ikse Maître and Bruno Freyssinet, they conducted a reflection and wrote on the notion of intimacy in different perspectives: health, work, digital. For this experiment, they were inspired by Edouard Levé’s book “self-portrait”: a text that tries to draw the contours of a human being through a juxtaposition of sentences describing the most diverse aspects of his personality.

The bi-monthly workshops offered a space for dialogue, sharing of knowledge, meetings of inspirations, to allow the creation of a work associating text and images, entirely conceived and written by the participants. The result is a collection of more than 50 10-second videos that involve texts written by participants, images collected or videos shot in the context of the City of Science Library (Carrefour Numérique2, Cité de la Santé , Cité des Métiers).

These videos are also the subject of an interactive installation visible in the spaces of Bibliothèque de la Cité. “We believe that all of us are searching for keys to understand the world.

We want to see the initiative as a stimulating approach that will tell our time differently, to dream on unexpected artistic and scientific paths, but also to engage in creation and perhaps inspire our own future.

Photo and images collected at the City of Science and Industry. Video: Christine Montmarthe / Photo and typo: Bruno Freyssinet / Voice over: Sonia Vandomme and Bruno Freyssinet / Interactive installation: Ikse Master / Supervision of the project for the Cité de la santé: Nathalie Chaloub / workshop initiated by Ikse Maître and Bruno Freyssinet