Here we are

Project: artistic cooperation project on the relationship and co-creation capacity between Europeans and migrants

Period: 2019-2021

The Transplanisphere (coordinator – Paris, France)
KJT Theater Dortmund (Germany)
Teatro Rigodon (Rieti, Italy)
Ex Quorum (Evora, Portugal)
Ohi Pezoume (Athens, Greece)
Des organismes vivants (Paris-Montreuil, France)
Eccom (Rome, Italy)
Förderband Kulturinitiative (Berlin, Germany)
Mains d’Œuvres (Paris-Saint Ouen, France)
Gabriel Sundukyan National Academic Theater (Yerevan, Armenia)
La Mimosa coop. (Grassano, Italy)

with the partnership of Matera, European capital of Culture 2019 (Italy)


Support: applied for the 2019 call of the Europe Creative program, result in July 2019

Here we are wishes to explore the relation between Europeans and the migrants. The project wants to provoke an artistic and civic space for an alternative dialog based on sharing knowledge and creating common.

What story do we want to tell each other about the refugee and migrants crisis? Is it only about war, terror, escape, shipwrecks in the mediterranean sea, perilous journeys in Europe? Is it only about fear, confusion, rejection? Or even rescue, compassion or mercy?

learning and creating together

Here We Are proposes to rebalance the stories raised by this crisis. The project wishes to be innovative in designing a framework that escapes from a repeated pattern of goodwill versus intolerance. Beyond mutual understanding, the project focuses on “learning together” and “creating together” as a concrete example of a possible present and future. The partners will is that such an approach offers a new narrative about the period we are living. They are also in research for a new prototype that shakes things up on audience development, creating a strong relation between very local participation and a large community online.

The migrant crisis is here for several years, so even the word “crisis” seems outdated. As a new paradigm, we believe that it’s fundamental for artists together with the civil society to be involved in projects differently than to respond to emergencies. It is about working with and not for the migrants living in Europe. There are several projects in Europe exploring this path, but there are most of the time local and pretty isolated. And for those that has a european dimension, they are addressed to support or valorize migrants most of the time, not to the relation between europeans and migrants and building “common”.

European are facing complex situations all over Europe, and the migrants crisis somehow focuses attention and negative feelings towards the european cohesion. We believe it’s time for artistic initiatives to federate more positive and creative stories capable to make raise awareness among the european citizens: the migrants crisis can be considered more as an opportunity than as a problem to heal.

6 countries involved with many different communities

The Here We Are dialogue use vocabulary ranging from arts, media, technology, craft and sciences. And from all communities involved, Here we are gathers and collaborates with artists, community leaders, students and youth groups. Those people may come from European background and migrant background of course. Second generation europeans with migrant origins are also expected to contribute and link somehow this diverse bunch of Europe inhabitants.

The partners organisations involved are based in Greece, Italy, Portugal, Germany, Armenia and France. Together, they generate a trans sectoral consortium made of art companies, theatres, NGOs, cultural organisations and public entities.

Among the different publics addressed, youth will benefit from a specific attention. Every activity will involve youth groups in some ways, and this across the 6 countries involved.

As the migrant crisis is going to last, it appears fundamental that youth takes its part in building new relation and inspire the future of our societies. They will be involved in a co construction process, confronting their creativity to the stakeholders involved.

The experience proposes to be shared to the european audience through a web platform linked to the social networks. This platform will have more than the role of creating a HWA community around the project. Because of a specific focus on designing “easy to disseminate” art forms combined with strong community management, the platform will be a dynamic tool that will provoke a dissemination of the project outputs at a larger scale than the partnership.

As a final objective, this project wishes to engage participants and through them european people to reconsider their relation to the Other and create a dynamic space for dialog, learning and creation. As a result, we hope that Here we are will contribute to a more positive approach on what the migrant crisis may actually trigger for Europe. Perhaps new dynamics in our creativity and a higher stimulation for building common addressed to the European project in progress.


HWA intention.To change the narratives on the migrants crisis and the european feeling about it

HWA bias. To invite europeans and migrants to create together and offer a perspective for their shared future

HWA method. To put into action the prototype of a workflow process involving audiences, the civil society together with artists and based on co-construction and dissemination

Among the expected products of the project: a collection of short artistic works that will question our talent, both Europeans and migrants, to invent together new stories that will make us dream about a common European future


> For this project, Transplanisphère coordinates the art direction and the production.


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