sas>Schweitzer residency

Project : Schweitzer High School (Paris-Le Raincy, Seine Saint Denis, France) welcomes le sas (science-art-society) in residency

web site :

Period of time :  2018-2019

Partners : La Transplanisphère, La métonymie, Le sas>105 (IAS Institut d’Astrophysique Spatiale – Univ. Paris Sud Orsay), Cie Vivons, Theater Dortmund (Germany)

Albert Schweitzer high school with René Cassin, Tebrotzassère school, Les Fougères primary school, Thiers et la Fontaine School, Jeanne La Lorraine high school and Corot middle school

Support : Ministry of Culture ans Ile de France – Paris Region.

What is a sas ?

The sas (science-art-society) associates students, teachers, artists and scientists for joint creative projects (performing arts, visual arts, digital arts). A sas already exists at the University Paris Sud – Orsay, another was conducted at the Cité des Sciences in Paris in 2017.

Why a sas at Schweitzer High School?

Many artistic projects were conducted with students and teachers during the 2017-2018 year, which culminated in Arts Week Festival. The theater company La Transplanisphere has proposed to the school to continue the experiment and give it more scale, in consultation with associate teachers. The Ministry of Culture and the Ile de France Region have selected the project and are financing it for the year 2018-2019.

Who participates ?

The actions of the sas will be developed with pupils and teachers of 10 classes of all levels and specialties. A group of volunteer students will also be set up for non-school workshops (“Creative Nursery”). Some activities will also involve students from other nearby schools. Artists and scientists will intervene in these different workshops and participate in the joint creation process.

The sas>Schweitzer will also be connected to the European network EuropeFiction which associates German, English, Dutch, Hungarian and Italian organizations.

At the invitation of certain teachers, resident artists will be able to participate in other high school projects in parallel with the project.

Which theme for the sas>Schweitzer?

The sas> Schweitzer proposes to explore the theme of “Long distance”, with the notions of initiatory voyage, migration and discovery. Through the workshops, students will be able to question their relationship to the other European or migrant world, their own desire for travel and exploration, and further their relationship with space and the universe.

What results for this project?

The sas will present the works created during the 2019 Arts Week, Le Raincy festival initiated by the high school and which associates other establishments of the city. A work will also be presented at the EuropeFiction meeting in Germany (summer 2019). Web publications will make it possible to follow the actions in progress and make the works accessible to everyone: high school website, high school webTV, project website and Instagram page.