150 Years of Le Raincy

150 Years of le Raincy

Large-scale community project involving local inhabitants, associations, and schools in Le Raincy (93) creating a theatrical performance together to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the foundation of their town. Over 9 months, 250 participants from all generations rediscovered the history of their hometown, from the middle ages until the present day.

is the aim?

To celebrate the 150th anniversary of Le Raincy by rediscovering and sharing the town's history.

is involved?

Local amateur dramatics groups, schools, high schools, and cultural assocations, with the support of the Mayor of le Raincy.

is it happening?

9 months of conception, writing, and preparation from January - September 2019.

The Aim

How could the history of le Raincy be retraced, within the history of France and the world? This was the challenge facing the 250 Raincéens that embarked on this project, as much from an attachment to their city today as curiosity as to its origins. With the help of professional artists and under the guidance of the municipality, they explored the chapters in the history of this unique territory of Ile de France. 

A thousand years of history

We begin in the Middle Ages. Imagine a young monk, his stomach filled with fear, passing through, travelling through the mysterious forest of Bondy. Sent by the Canon of the Abbey of Tiron, his charge is to construct a priory on the land of Lord Beaudoin de Villefix. 

Under Louis XIV, the new territory takes flight, with the construction of a magnificent royal castle designed by the architects of Vaux le Vicomte and Versailles! A prosperous period ensues, during which Molière and the princess, giving le Raincy its letters of nobility. Then came the Revolution and the abandonment of the castle to give way to a young and promising city in 1869, built along the paths of the former Royal Park. Throughout the twentieth century, the city has its dark pages, as well as its moments of splinters, but comes out the other side to embody today the peaceful city that we know.

A show for all the family

For two evenings, the Place des Festivals of le Raincy was transformed into an outdoor theatre, with 250 Rainéens, of all ages, on stage Actors, musicians, dancers … coming from local associations and schools. Together, they revisit  an astonishing past and imagine, through the eyes of it’s children, a vision for the town Tommorrow.

The Partners


January – March 2019

Meetings for project design and preparation. Formation of a committee. Research and consultation with historians. 

April – July 2019

Writing of the show. Training of artistic teams. Beginning of rehearsals. 

September 2019

Production, rehearsals, scenography, costumes. Construction of an open air theatre (Place des Fêtes, Le Raincy).

20th – 21st September 2019

2 performances in front of 1200 spectators. 

Great show of the 150th anniversary of Le Raincy

In front of an audience of 1,200 spectators

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150 Agora 011

Reading of the script created to celebrate Le Raincy 150th anniversary

The amateur and professional actors participating

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