Acts from the Desert at Art Week Schweitzer

2019 Arts Week at the Schweitzer High School in the Raincy (93)`

A representation of the Acts from the desert, creation of Vivons! company with Transplanisphere and Métonymie, was given at the Schweitzer High School in Raincy as part of the residence sas> schweitzer.

A show created by Smaïl Kanouté mixing dance, music and graphics, directed by Bruno Freyssinet,

Smaïl Kanouté, dancer-choreographer and graphic designer, accompanied by the musician, Baptiste Darsoulant, at the kora, created a visual, musical and poetic tale, inspired by the path traveled by his parents, between the Mali that saw them born, and France who welcomed them. Through this initiatory journey, the artist explores notions of identity quest, and intergenerational stories that inhabit us, shape us, and sometimes define us.


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