European theatrical partnership and exchange program.

is the aim?

To develop a vision of European identity through theatrical projects and European exchanges.

is involved?

Five theatres from around Europe enter bilateral partnerships with five theatres from the German Ruhr region.

is it happening?

The program will run from June 2018 - November 2020.

The Aim

What kind of Europe would you like to live in – and what are you willing to do for it?

This is the main question which the europfiction project aims to answer; using theatre as a means of exploration and expression. Each year, the partners collaborate in virtual space, culminating in a nine-day long summer camp.  

Summer Camps


The europefiction summer camp of 2019 took place at Consol Theater, in Gelsenkirchen, Germany. 


The 2020 summer camp will be hosted by KJT, Dortmund. For more details see

The Partners



French-German workshop, Le Raincy Grand Paris, Jan. 2019

Summer camp at Consol Theater, Gelsenkirchen, July 2019


French-German Workshop Le Raincy Grand Paris, April 2020,

Summer camp at KJT Dortmund.  

Sifnos crisis, international theatre workshop in Greece – July 2013

Sifnos Crisis questions the climate of crisis in

Sifnos crisis, atelier international de théâtre en Grèce – Juillet 2013

Sifnos Crisis (La crise de Sifnos) met en cause le

Polart Circle Kick-Off Meeting in Zagreb, Croatia (Dec 2016)

Polart Circle Kick-Off Meeting in Zagreb, Croatia

Rencontre de lancement à Zagreb / Polart Circle

Rencontre de lancement à Zagreb Decembre, 2016 Le

Seconde réunion partenaire, Paris, Avril 2017 / Polart Circle

  Le deuxième rendez-vous partenaires Polart

Polart Circle, Paris quick off meeting, April 17

  The second quick of meeting happened in

3e réunion des partenaires Polart Circle, Athènes, 2/3 mars 2018 – ODC Ensemble.

  Le calendrier de la réunion a permis aux

Polart Circle Partners meeting Athens, March 2018

The third partners meeting happened in Athens in