Corruption objectified

Project : to design a visual installation on objects of corruption in the context of the annual OECD Integrity Forum 2016 Period : Jan-March 2016 Partners : OECD, Sciences Po Unversity collective projects Artistic direction: Bruno Freyssinet Integrity Forum OECD Team: Jeroen Michels with Felicitas Neuhaus and David Hanel Projet collectif  Sciences Po Paris: Manon […]

One Land Many Faces

Project: artistic and civic cooperation, involving Germany, Belgium, Spain, France, Hungary, the United Kingdom (with artistic contributions from South Korea and the United States) on the notion of European identity in construction Period: 2013-2015 Partners: The Transplanisphere (France) House of Creation (Belgium) Bildung und Integration (Germany) Ortzai Teatro (Spain) Sin Arts (Hungary) Volcano Theater (United […]

World Crisis Theatre

Project: European artistic and civic cooperation between Germany, France, Greece, Iceland, Italy Portugal and Sweden on the theme of the financial crisis and its consequences in Europe Website: Period: 2012-2014 Main partners: The Transplanisphere (France, coordinator) Ledra Studio (Greece) Ex Quorum (Portugal) Vera-Liv (Iceland) International Theater (Italy) Teatermaskinen (Sweden) Bildung & Integration (Germany) Support: […]

Rec>ON (reconciliation)

Project: European artistic and civic cooperation between Germany, Armenia, France and Turkey on the theme of reconciliation Period: 2011-2012 Partners: Transplanisphere (France, coordinator) Hamazgayin Theater (Armenia) Förderband Kultur initiative Berlin (Germany) Deniz Tuney Ltd (Turkey) Support: European Commission – Eacea / Program Culture Component 1.3.5. : cooperation with third countries Robert Bosch Stiftung – OFAJ […]

Transplanisphere company

La Transplanisphère is an art company based in Paris and led by Bruno Freyssinet (biography). Since 2008, it develops a project questioning politics through performing art. In a context of crisis and mutations, which kind of Europe can we tell today and imagine for tomorrow? How can art stimulate the citizen debate on the future […]

Bruno Freyssinet

Bruno Freyssinet, designer and director artistic director of Transplanisphere projects Bruno Freyssinet was trained at ENSATT (National School of Performing Arts) and at the Fémis – Screenwriting Workshop (National School of Cinema). He is the artistic director of the company Transplanisphere projects. They question major themes of society through theater and through international cooperation supported […]