World Crisis Theatre

Project: European artistic and civic cooperation between Germany, France, Greece, Iceland, Italy Portugal and Sweden on the theme of the financial crisis and its consequences in Europe Website: Period: 2012-2014 Main partners: The Transplanisphere (France, coordinator) Ledra Studio (Greece) Ex Quorum (Portugal) Vera-Liv (Iceland) International Theater (Italy) Teatermaskinen (Sweden) Bildung & Integration (Germany) Support: […]

Rec>ON (reconciliation)

Project: European artistic and civic cooperation between Germany, Armenia, France and Turkey on the theme of reconciliation Period: 2011-2012 Partners: Transplanisphere (France, coordinator) Hamazgayin Theater (Armenia) Förderband Kultur initiative Berlin (Germany) Deniz Tuney Ltd (Turkey) Support: European Commission – Eacea / Program Culture Component 1.3.5. : cooperation with third countries Robert Bosch Stiftung – OFAJ […]

Transplanisphere company

La Transplanisphère is an art company based in Paris and led by Bruno Freyssinet (biography). Since 2008, it develops a project questioning politics through performing art. In a context of crisis and mutations, which kind of Europe can we tell today and imagine for tomorrow? How can art stimulate the citizen debate on the future […]

Bruno Freyssinet

Bruno Freyssinet, designer and director artistic director of Transplanisphere projects Bruno Freyssinet was trained at ENSATT (National School of Performing Arts) and at the Fémis – Screenwriting Workshop (National School of Cinema). He is the artistic director of the company Transplanisphere projects. They question major themes of society through theater and through international cooperation supported […]