Oratio Mix receives Quality Label from Erasmus


With the conclusion of Oratio Mix, we’re wrapping up the project on a high note thanks to positive updates from Erasmus+!
We are honoured to receive the Quality Label which serves as a certification process, affirming our capability and dedication to executing solidarity activities at a high standard. It shows that we follow the principles, objectives, and quality benchmarks set forth by the Erasmus+ programme. 

Oratio Mix is a project that aired in 2021, supported by Erasmus+ Partnership for Creativity. It has specific offers for every age at school from Primary to High school. It addresses interculturality by developing a shared narrative. Through expression and storytelling, it fosters dialogue and cultivates a creative environment where students from diverse backgrounds may come together. 

Partnering with four European countries, each boasting rich cultural heritage, we explored intercultural dialogue through artistic methods such as writing and performance. The artistic atmosphere helped kids to gain confidence, master communication codes and found ways to tell their own story. 

Oratio Mix is thrilled to learn that our efforts align with the values of Erasmus+ and are being celebrated by the agency.
This gives us the motivation and inspiration to work and create even more engaging and meaningful projects!

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