The launch of 2084


Teaming up with Ladder (Hungary) and Hybadu (Poland), we’re kicking off a new project called 2084. Its aim is to cultivate sustainable creativity in the performing arts through international collaboration.
Sustainability in artistic practice is at the heart of this project, with a focus on producing environmentally responsible productions. The team of artists from each country will work on establishing the methodological and conceptual structure of the creation. These are professionals from the fields of theatre, dance, visual arts and music. 

Stage direction, story writing, costume design, photography, set design, music composition/design and choreography as well as movement training.


Each partner country will host an intensive three-week artistic residency, starting with Poland. During the residencies, the idea is to work closely with local artists to create a theatre production about climate change through a collaborative process across borders.

Through movement performances that transcend language barriers, we aim to promote universal understanding and awareness of important issues. The aim is to create performances that can be easily replicated locally in the future without the need for the core artistic team, ensuring the long-term sustainability of the project.

In addition to the performances, the core artists will also work with the local artists to coordinate an art exhibition that will open at the end of each residency.
It is planned that the exhibition will remain in place and continue to inspire and engage audiences with the themes and messages of the project


La Transplanispère in Paris will welcome its guest in February 2025!

2084 believes in the power of art and its ability to encourage people to see the challenges of climate change in a new light and to inspire them to act together.

We’re excited about what’s to come and can’t wait to get started!

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