Grow from Seeds

Project: Theatre Education program for primary school teachers and their pupils in the field of intercultural education

Period: 2018-2019

The Gaiety School of Acting – National Theater School of Ireland (Coordinator)
Kildare Town Educate Together, Kildare (Ireland)
Gilden Grundschule, Dortmund (Germany)
The Transplanisphère, Paris (France)
Plan International, Dublin (Ireland)
Primary School Fougères, Le Raincy (France)


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The aim of this project is to design an education program that will provide new learning opportunities for primary school teachers and their pupils in the field of intercultural education.

Grow from Seeds will provide a program to foster intercultural dialogue in primary schools by responding to the priorities of the European Parliament to challenge extremism through social cohesion and inclusion, active citizenship and student empowerment and participation.

first test workshop in Pantin / Paris suburb, France with le Labo des histoires.


The objectives of this project are to expand students’ knowledge by using innovative methods implemented by their teachers.

• For the students, the education modules will be based on writing and acting with a program animated by their teachers and the help of speakers.
• For teachers, the 5-day training (in Ireland, under the auspices of the Ministry of Education) will offer quality teaching and learning activities focused on the development of knowledge, skills and values ​​to integrate methodologies in their classes.

This European project is a creative and artistic response to the ever-changing needs of students in a multicultural society.

The project also includes local and national events targeting teachers and adult educators to share good practices. The handbook designed during the project will be available for download and print version. It will provide a step-by-step guide for the implementation of the education program. It will aim to develop new skills for teachers from all over Europe.

> For this project, Transplanisphere is an artistic partner (co-writing the piece and the methodology) and coordinates the actions in France.



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