Trust tour

Through theatre and co-creation, 4 European artistic companies question the relationship between the inhabitants, native or settled there, of the European territory.

is the aim?

Elaborate methodological tools to create a collaborative experience building bonds of trust between Europeans

is involved?

4 European artistic companies are brought together in this Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership

is it happening?

The project starts in July 2020 and ends in December 2021

The Aim

In the era of Brexit, euro-scepticism, increasing migration and Covid 19, Europe is suffering from a crisis in trust. In 2019, 46% of Europeans said they tend not to trust the European Union; in the same year, the most important issue facing the EU today was identified, by Europeans, as immigration (Eurobarometer, 2019). There is a pressing need to rebuild trust across Europe and help Europeans to reaffirm the meaning of European cooperation.
Trust tour proposes to use theatre techniques and youth exchanges to rebuild these bonds.

When young people come together to share their culture, language, and traditions, a bond of empathy is created. Things we do not know scare us. Knowing a person and their history inspires empathy. Youth exchanges create a common solidarity and cultural fluidity among future generations that helps to overcome many preconceptions and to build new narratives. When these young people create artistic works together, they produce a very concrete “common” which builds new trust and reinvents relations between Europeans.

The Outcomes

4 methodologies

Since 2016, the partners have organized 4 European meetings on these themes: Trust, Trust 2, Roots of Trust et Trust – Endecameron. Trust Tour will evolve the previous exchanges into tools available to all citizens wishing to develop their own projects. These written and video methodologies will provide insights into the use of artistic practice to explore and renew relationships between Europeans from different backgrounds.

4 performances

During 4 workshops organised in each partner country, participants will design a theatre performance based on the methodology, to illustrate the results of a collaboration between young Europeans and migrants. As a result of reflections and exchanges on intra and extra-European migration, emerging artists, students and citizens, together with experienced artists will stage new narratives created by intercultural co-creation.

4 approaches

Dortmund method

Initiatory journeys in Mediterranean tales. Through the example of Ulysse’s journey, participants will search for common roots. Theatre techniques will be used to develop trust, solidarity and shared cultural space. 

Teatro Rigodon method

100 stories inspired by western and eastern stories. Based on the Italian author Boccaccio Decameron, participants will be able to create their own story questioning migration, gender equality and resilience.

Transplanisphère method

An artistic pathway through highly diverse locations. Inspired by different contexts and spaces, the participants will build a new relationship with each other but also with the public space in order to reinvent a common future.

ExQuorum method

3 methodologies in perspective. By combining these different contexts and inspirations, participants will be able to engage in historical and socio-political reflection through analysis, dialogue and creative processes.

The Partners


August 2020

Launch of the European project in Paris with all the partners.

October – December 2020

Design of the first methodology by Transplansiphère.

November 2020

European workshop in Paris organized by La Transplanisphère. Creation of the performance staging the methodology. 
Promotional events in each partner country.

March –  May 2021

Design of the second methodology by Dortmund theatre (Germany). 

April 2021

European Workshop in Germany organized by Dortmund. Creation of the play and validation of the methodology. Promotional events in each partner country.

July – September 2021

Design of the third methodology by Teatro Rigodon. 

August 2021

European Workshop in Rocca Sinibalda (Italy). Creation of the theatre performance and feedback on the methodology. Promotional events.

October – December 2021

Design of the latest methodology by ExQuorum. 

November 2021

European Workshop in Evora (Portugal). Creation of the play. Review of all methodologies and promotional events.

Heading for 2022!

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Trust Tour selected

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