Polart Circle – Partners meeting in Athens, March 2018

The third partners meeting happened in Athens in March 2018, 2-3, hosted by ODC Ensemble.

The schedule of the meeting allowed the partners to share the first developments of Polart Circle in their respective countries and to do a round table about everyone propositions to improve the ongoing project.

Friday 2, March 2018

Transplanisphere overview of the first part. Round table. Partners report of the activities. What went well/wrong? The estimative coming agenda 18-19. Budget issues: What has been funded? What reporting? What remains to be funded? Elements on the intermediate report. Anticipating the final report

Saturday 3, March 2018

Focus on the Moocs. Focus on the trainees. Focus on the multiplier Events. Focus on the Web platform and communication strategy.

8 partners participated in the meeting:

More information here.

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