Grow from Seeds – Roundtable CNFU Unesco, Paris (France)

Roundtable at French National commission Unesco (CNFU)
French Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Feb 12th, 2020, Paris (France)

The Secretary-General of the French National Commission for UNESCO Alexandre Navarro and Sonia Dubourg Lavroff, General Inspector of Education, Advisor to the French National Commission for UNESCO, invited Bruno Freyssinet to present Grow from Seeds to a group of stakeholder representing several public authorities.

The meeting took place at the CNFU headquarters, part of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Paris (France).

Among the audience, representatives from Erasmus+ France Agency, Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Delegation for European and international relations, Île-de-France region – European Affairs Department, Université Sorbonne Paris.


At first took place an introduction to French commission of Unesco by Alexandre NAVARRO, in charge of the civil society dissemination in France creating a relation between the country and Unesco through 3 networks: 121 associated schools in France, 50 University chairs (professorship) and 88 Club Unesco in France (among them La Transplanisphere). Sonia DUBOURG-LAVROFF then presented the Club members and how they are selected in the new framework given by Unesco in 2017.

As a second part of the meeting, Bruno Freyssinet presented La Transplanisphère quickly and told about the Grow from Seeds project: the initiative from Gaiety School of Acting, the contexts (for Europe, EU, Unesco) and the partners. Then he told about the GFS purpose: the studies, the outputs, the training sessions (see website). He also presented the perspectives about the use of the methodology by teachers that have been trained during the program.

Bruno Freyssinet also presented in a few words two other projects in relation to GFS: Trust Tour and Open European Societies.


The stakeholders part of the meeting suggested several tracks to be developed for the project. First, to share with Unesco / Direction of Human and Social Sciences. In the frame of Education to citizenship programme, they organize Masterclasses for schools in the Unesco main conference room. GFS should be presented here. Second point: the Unesco inclusive cities Network. The French committee has been created last year. A big event is planned this year and GFS should be presented during this event.




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