Day 3 in Espace Cardin


In the mid-point of the week, LeCAKE team was gathered in Espace Cardin(Théâtre de la Ville, Paris) where we spent a day by Heloise Lesimple
(The shift Project) coordination.

She gave us a big workshop on carbon footprint which was followed by the exercises in order to to practice our knowledge with carbon calculators.
Using Seeds and Julie’s Bicycle, we were able to see how sustainable some cultural events are and what actually their carbon footprint looks like.

This part of the day surprised a lot among us as the numbers coming from calculations were not that positive.
Some of the results showed that going to one place and spending a week there can “cost” us around 15% of our annual carbon footprint.
Then it became even more obvious that we need to act and change something now.


Doughnut theory is something that accompanied us a lot this week. We had a lot of reflexions and ideas on this topic and that’s exactly what we were brainstorming about after. 

Afternoon we had guests – Masters of Culture Management from Sorbonne University with whom once again  we had an exchange about
sustainability in culture and the actions each of us can take.

Having a young generation stepping into the cultural sector and being really concerned and motivated to act against climate change was really inspiring.
LeCake Train team will be happy to welcome them as 5 young ambassadors who will work with us on Chapter 3.


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