Day 4 at Le sas

Le Sas is a science-art-society group ready for research, design, making and diffusion of artistic and scientific artworks and
also a really good partner of ours

The fourth day of the workshop, it was them who hosted us and made us discover what they do, how they do it and how LeCAKE can help them in their sustainable journey.

The morning we were lucky to see their creations and know more about the meaning behind each of these.
Including: the Loop – a real and virtual stage, 360|VR,  that spots the spectator’s presence and transplates into an aesthetic that is both visual and sonic, with which he or she can identify.
And L’Air du pollen – polyptych of thirty suspended sculptures in chamotte stoneware (20-60 cm) with interactive visual and sound projections.


Inspired by art, science and the future that we can change, we spent an afternoon working on a prospective workshop about performing arts in 2050.(prepared by Heloise LeSimple, The Shift Project)

Splitted in 4 groups, LeCAKE teams needed to imagine the world and how it handles live shows years from now. Do theaters still exist? How do we handle touring? What about the materials side?
All of these questions really opened our imagination and let us come up with scenarios that see the future of performing arts differently and definitely in a more sustainable light.

LeCAKE is always happy to receive new initiatives from our young ambassadors!
Just like at the end of the day,  Tim Schneider and Charles Menard presented their new idea of “Perturbatio”a participatory digital artwork where kinetic cameras that record the movements of individuals within a crowd.
As a digital video installation, “Perturbatio” poses specific challenges regarding eco-production and needs a forum (which might be LeCAKE) to challenge this, and find innovative ways to mitigate its carbon footprint from the start.


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