European Integrity Games

Using Interactive Fiction tools to encourage citizens to question notions of integrity, corruption, and fraud.

is the aim?

To create 7 games (interactive fiction, role-playing - escape games) on topics of integrity.

is involved?

6 European partners are brought together in an Erasmus+ funded Strategic Partnership.

is it happening?

The program launched in September 2019 and will run until August 2022.

The Aim

The issues at stake: integrity, corruption, and fraud. The tool: Interactive Fiction, role-playing, escape game.

These concerns permeate European society at every level, but are often difficult to pin down. How can we tackle these complicated and elusive problems?

The European Integrity Games proposes using game and theatre tools to address these issues. Interactive Fiction games create a space of playful discovery, where new understanding and ideas can be found. Through interactive gameplay, players are immersed in narratives questioning integrity, giving them a tangible grasp on complex issues. 

3 Series

Integrity in the Digital Age

 Could blockchain increase transparency?

 Could e-governance prevent corruption?

 What can we learn from the notorious case of the Cum-ex files?

New digital tools offer the possibility to both perpetuate, and break, cycles of corruption and fraud. In this series, we explore their role in the fight for integrity.

3 episodes in development:

  1. Blockchain
  2. E-governance
  3. Cum-Ex Files

Governing with Integrity

 How can governments aim for integrity?

 How are they perceived by their own people?

 What obstacles do security forces face while trying to work with integrity?

This series focuses on the difficulties faced by governments and forces of law trying to govern with integrity – and the factors which can lead to corruption.

2 episodes in development:

  1. Corruption vs Perception
  2. Integrity in the Civil Service

Integrity in Food and Health

 Where does your food come from?

 Which health information is reliable? 

 Do markets of health and nutrition function with integrity?

This series exposes the complex networks which bring us food and medicines, and tell us which to buy, and questions its mechanisms.

2 episodes in development:

  1. Healthcare Communication
  2. Food Chains

2 Formats for each topic

Role-playing - escape games

Each of the 7 themes will be developed in the form of a role-playing game – escape game to offer participants a fun and immersive experience to live in a group.

Interactive Fiction

Each of the 7 themes will also be declined in the form of interactive fiction to be played individually online for a fun and instructive experience.

The Partners


November 2019

Launch of the European project, launch of a workshop at Sciences Po Paris. 

Kick-off meeting in Evora, Portugal. 

January 2020

Writing and testing workshop at Sciences Po Paris.  

March 2020

Week-long mobility in Paris, hosted by La Transplanisphère. Filming and production of the games on Blockchain. Publicity event at the OECD integrity forum. 

August 2020

Progress report for year 1, publication of process model for the design and development of the games. Implementation of year 2 with 3 new themes. Promotional events in the 6 participating countries.

September 2020 – August 2021

Design and development of 3 more game episodes. Promotional events in the 6 participating countries. 

September 2021 – August 2022

Design and development of final 3 game episodes. Promotional events in the 6 participating countries.

Corruption objectified at OECD Integrity Forum 2016

  What links a shiny bottle of Champagne, a leaking rice bag, a cobbled taximeter and a worn-out football shoe? They all had a role to play in a little story of corruption. Corruption

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