European artistic and civic cooperation between Germany, Armenia, France and Turkey on the theme of reconciliation

is the aim?

To find ways for reconciliation using art and theatre.

is involved?

4 partners from France, Germany, Turkey and Armenia.

is it happening?

The project took place from January 2011 until June 2012.

The Aim

“It is not essential to always keep the same point of view; no one can stop us from becoming smarter.” Konrad Adenauer

“We play only the chords we know. Why can we not rebuild our common memory by turning the monologue into a dialogue?” Hrant Dink

How can we bring an artistic and civic dimension to a very sensitive European debate, too often reserved for the political field?

How could citizens from four different countries take the issue of reconciliation and transform it into an open and stimulating work of art?

The project involved artists, young people and representatives of civil society from Armenia, Germany, Turkey and France. The aim was to create a multidisciplinary show that would directly address and involve the public, to serve as a means of joint reflection on how reconciliation can be acheived. 

The Descendants

The Play

The project allowed the writing and creation of the show Les Descendants. The author imagined a story based on the themes which surfaced in the workshops and interviews,  adapting them into a narrative retracing the fate of 3 generations of women confronted with the tragic history of their country. The text  was then staged by the artistic team, composed of artists from the 4 participating countries. the play was translated into the different project languages: Armenian, Turkish, German and French.

The play was performed at the end of the rehearsal period in Yerevan, at the Hamazgayin Theater, then at the Aquarium-Cartoucherie Theater in Paris and the Theater Haufbau Kreuzberg in Berlin.


Text Sedef Ecer (Turkey)

Director Bruno Freyssinet (France)

Associate artist Serge Avedikian (Armenia)

Translation Christoff Bleidt (German), Yvette Vartanian (Armenian), Sedef Ecer (Turkish).

Cast Selin Altiparmak, Serra Yilmaz (Turkey);  Hadrian Bouvier, Gerard Torikian (France); Tatevik Ghazaryan, Vardan Mkrtchyan (Armenia); Penner Julia, Andreas Wrosch (Germany)

Production coordinator Juliette Bompoint (France) Production Christoff Bleidt, Hella Mewis (Germany); Banu Ecer, Burcin Gercek (Turkey); Vardan Mkrtchyan (Armenia) Production and communication assistants Armen Baghdasaryan, Hrachya Nersisyan (Armenia); Élise Gonin (France)

Assistant Arthur Navellou (France) Music Gérard Torikian (France) Costumes Antonin Boyot Gellibert (France) Lights Mariam Rency (France) Video Marion Puccio (France) Sound Samuel Serandour (France) Scenography Antonin Boyot Gellibert, Mariam Rency, Marion Puccio, Samuel Serandour Makeup Tamara Baroyan Technical Director Hamazgayin Tigran Abajyan Construction Albert Hambardzumyan Dresser Siranoush Mkrtchyan Filmmaker Boubkar Benzabat (France) Sound recording Karim Lekehal (France)

The Partners


January 2011

Partners meeting in Paris, France.

21st – 27th February 2011

Residency in Istanbul, Turkey.

21st – 27th March 2011

Residency in Berlin, Germany.

18th – 24th April 2011.

Residency in Yerevan, Armenia

7th-10th May 2011 

Residency in Lyon-Villeurbanne, France.

3rd-17th July 2011

International workshop + research session of the troupe for the show Les Descendants.

26th September – 30th October

Rehearsals and preparation of Les Descendants.

April-May 2011

Workshops in Paris. Performances of Les Descendents. 

May 2011

Performance in Berlin.

June 2011

Travel to Gumri. 

Conference “Towards an intercultural Europe”

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