Trust, Trust 2, Roots of Trust

Trust, Trust 2, Roots of Trust

Series of youth exchanges focused  on the relationship and co-creation capacity between Europeans and migrants.

is the aim?

To rebuild bonds of trust between Europeans using theatre and artistic tools.

is involved?

4 European partners come together from theatres in France, Germany, Italy, and Portugal.

is it happening?

Various youth exchange programs have took place between 2016 and 2018 with a possible continuation planned for 2019-2020.

The Aim

At a time of great migratory movements, decreasing trust in institutions, and multifaceted populism, how can we defend the core values on which Europe was founded?

Germany, France, Italy and Portugal have all been strongly affected by migration in recent years. Each of these countries is undergoing a deep crisis of trust in the original European idea. Can Europe, the cradle of humanism, still defend human rights and democracy? Where can we find our shared roots?

The idea of Europe is far older than the EU. Shakespeare tells stories of the Danish prince Hamlet and Goethe of Iphigenia. Sagas, tales and myths know no borders, and have long generated a common European cultural space.

Using theatre’s unique capacity for storytelling, we can re-trace these roots. Participants bring history, music, artistic techniques and personal experiences from their countries. By actively constructing their identity, young people confront the challenges facing a Europe in motion.

The Exchanges


INTEGRITA / The appesso, in summer 2016 in Rocca Sinibalda, Italy (80km from Rome).


Spring 2017 in Paris and Nanterre, with support from Cité des Sciences, Agora, the OECD.

Trust 2 Decameron

Summer 2017 in Leonessa and Rocca Sinibalda, Italy.


Roots of Trust

The Partners


Summer 2016

First exchange experience Integrita takes place in Rocca Sinibalda, Italy. 

Spring 2017

Trust Exchange in Paris and Nanterre. 

Summer 2017

Trust 2 Decameron exchange in Leonessa and Rocca Sinibalda, Italy. 

Spring 2018

Roots of Trust exchange in Dortmund, Germany.