Erasmus Days 2021 at the Schweitzer high school

The Erasmus Days took place from October 14 to 16, 2021. The main objective of these days is to inform young people about the opportunities offered by Europe in terms of education, training and solidarity.

More broadly, to highlight European citizenship, the opportunity for Transplanisphere to present its projects in Europe!
In this context, we were present at the Albert Schweitzer high school, in Raincy (93), we organized three days of meetings between students, teachers and European representatives! 

You will find the details in the following article:

Thursday, October 14 - Exchanges around Erasmus + projects and Oratio Mix with teachers

Animated by Noémie Laurens Besace and Bruno Freyssinet
We organized a workshop with 12 teachers from the city of Le Raincy, teachers from the Lycée Albert Schweitzer and the Collège Corot. 

The goal was to exchange around the current projects linked to Erasmus +, in particular the Oratio Mix project. This project links the high school and the college through a partnership linked to creativity, whose goal is to address intercultural dialogue at school through theatre and expression. It was the moment to take stock of the project and its progress after 6 months of practice.
The subject of training teachers was confirmed. A training that will take shape at the end of the month, at the Albert Schweitzer high school. Some of them even asked to join the program when they discovered it. 

This gathering of teachers brought many new interactions. But also allowed us to reflect on the future of our exchanges with Europe. Many ideas promising beautiful projects to come!  

Friday 15 October - In-class workshop on europefiction and Oratio Mix with students from the Schweitzer High School

The event was hosted by Bruno Frayssinet, Noémie Laurens Besace and Maria El Meziouni, Eramus + referent of the high school.

In the morning, a meeting with the students of the first year STMG class of the Albert Schweitzer high school was organised.
This information meeting took the form of a question and answer session. It was an opportunity to discuss the possibilities offered by the Erasmus + programme. The students were able to discover the europefiction project: artistic workshops to question the future of Europe and a summer camp held every year. Post-bac opportunities and European mobility were also discussed.
We were surprised to see that the students were not well informed about Erasmus +, it was important to make them discover this programme which could allow them to travel in the future.

In the afternoon, a workshop was held with a literature class.
The pupils performed exercises in theatre practice. This initiation is part of the Oratio Mix project, with the aim of training the students in some eloquence exercises. Two workshops were carried out, during which, in pairs, they practised storytelling and persuasion!
A great moment of exchange and sharing between the pupils.

Saturday 16 October - Pupils/parents game session on European Integrity Games project and exchange workshop

The afternoon was led by Bruno Freyssinet, Maria El Meziouni and Hugo Pereira, a volunteer at a Europe Direct centre. 

About fifteen participants were present for this playful afternoon of games and exchanges about Europe.
On the programme, the question of the link between the high school and the Erasmus + organisation, via the europefiction and Oratio Mix projects developed by the Transplanisphere.  This was an opportunity for parents and students to learn more about these richly experienced programmes. 
Hugo was able to present the European Solidarity Corps, a possibility for students who want to do a gap year after graduation! 

The second part of the afternoon was dedicated to the presentation of the 3D game, “Badass Daddy Gang”, a game created as part of the European Integrity Games project.
An immersive investigation into money laundering and the subjects of blockchain and bitcoin. Parents and students together succeeded in solving the enigmas and tracing the Bitcoins! In a good mood, the game was a great success.

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