Workshop Remixing value in Paris

Remixing value  is a theater exchange project with 30 young people from Paris-Rosny, Amsterdam and Berlin-Bernau (10 participants from each country) funded by OFAJ, Office Franco-German Youth Centre. The first face-to-face meeting take place in Paris-Rosny from 23 to 27 February 2022 with all participants.

A tri-national intercultural project in Paris and Rosny to exchange and co-create.

This tri-national project is mainly aimed at young people with little experience of international mobility within the European Union, who are interested in theater, curious about the intercultural aspect of artistic co-creation. Students will engage in an inspiring and innovative international environment that shows that theater practice can be experienced through various disciplines especially adapted to a multilingual environment (physical theater, circus, dance, etc.).

Through participatory methods, a “remix” of the ideas brought by the youth on two central themes should be made possible: the differences and tensions between online and face-to-face experiences, and the question of values.

In the “Remixing Value” project, issues of representation, identity, prejudice, social norms and personal values will be explored.


German partner

Jeugdtheaterschool Zuidoost

Dutch partner and project leader

La Transplanisphère

French partner and project coordinator

Charles de Gaulle Rosny High school

French partner and high school

Day 1 - Official welcome to all

In February 2022, the group of 30 young people met in Paris- Rosny for a 4 days training. Created by all the trainers of the artistic companies. The objective was to explore how we can connect the theater practice to a reflection about values.

On Friday 23 February, the teams were welcomed in Paris. This was the moment for young people and artistic trainers to meet each other, through ice-breaking and energizer exercises that helped launch the group dynamic.

The day ended with a playful walk and a snack at Montmartre, where the trainers explained the programme of these 4 days training and the expectations of the workshop.

Day 2 - Artistic workshops

The second day was dedicated to artistic workshops. 4 differents workshops took place, in Théâtre Cinéma Georges Simenon Théâtre et Cinéma Georges-Simenon (Rosny sous Bois) and in Fabrique Artistique et Numérique at Rosny-Sous-Bois Fabrique artistique et numérique – Rosny-sous-Bois.

In the morning, the participants were divided into two working groups with the aim of boosting the creating dynamic. One group worked on a new metacinema workshop regarding the making of a superhero mixing digital tools and crafts, led by Cosme Castro and Jeanne Frenkel créateurs de “Georges sauve le monde”. The second group worked with the two trainers from Transplanisphere in a practical theater workshop, aiming to enhance the imagination of the group by co-creating fictional stories.

In the afternoon, the first group of young people participated in a dance workshop led by two trainers from the Zuidoost Amsterdam Foundation. The aim was to activate the body, explore new forms and use the body as a tool to tell a story on the topic of time. At the same time the second group participated in a theater workshop led by two trainers from the Zukunst association. The aim of the young participants was to create/perform their personal superhero and the values she/he represents based on movement and the body, using  personal experiences.

The day ended with a cruise to Seine and dinner all together in Paris.

Day 3 - Co-creation workshops

The third day was dedicated to collecting material that will form the basis for several theatrical scenes performed by the participants in the performance to be presented in August in Amsterdam. 

The 4 workshops took place in Fabrique Artistique et Numérique at Rosny-Sous-Bois. Τhe 2 groups of participants from the second day, exchanged workshops. In this way, all the youngsters could try out all the techniques, ideas and different approaches to the subject from the trainers. As this project is also about connecting different trainers with each other, the aim of the workshops mentioned was for the international duo to stimulate intercultural skills among the participants.

The afternoon was exclusively dedicated to the participants. They had a free evening to visit the city or get some rest.

Day 4 - Evaluation and closure

During this last day, participants held a brainstorming workshop to further discuss and develop the ideas they found interesting in the previous workshops, hosted in Relais Culture Europe.

It was then time for the evaluation of the workshop for all the participants, on these 4 days of work spent in Paris. The evaluation focused on the quality of the workshop and the skills, ideas acquired by the participants.

Μoments of camaraderie were followed with the whole workshop team. More specifically, participating in the photography challenge, the Hiphop 360 exhibition and the farewell party.

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