What 2024 is made of?

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New year, new steps in projects, new plans, new ideas and collaborations! 

Here is what’s on the way for La Transplanisphère these upcoming months!

LeCake Train

 European project of cultural innovation which is part of the logic of ecological transition
LeCake is supported by Erasmus+, the City of Paris and Seine Saint Denis.

Second half of 2023 marked us and our partners by Chapter 2 and learning a lot of new concepts and practices thanks to our partner,
The Shift Project.
Our meeting and exchange we had in Paris, France in November made us think of new ideas and propose new sustainable models that one day can be implemented in the cultural sector. 
This is what we will do again and explore wider in Athens, Greece already this summer! 
Also, the promotional events for the project are planned during events in Paris and Brussels for the months of February and March 2024.

Theater Makes Politics

Project that is meant to create artistic and creative responses on anti-democratic influences in European societies
TMP is supported by Erasmus+

Incredible week spent in Lesvos Island, Greece with all of our partners in September put a new start for the workshops aimed for European youth, topics of which this year were: Conspiracy theories and disinformation, Racism and anti-refugees’ rhetoric and Far-right Extremism and religious fundamentalism (Muslim and Christian).

La Transplanisphère team is heading to Berlin on the 27-28th of January to gether with the partners from Germany, Greece, North Macedonia and Portugal and discuss the project’s next steps.


Green Stories from Youth to Stage, is a European project whose aim is to raise young people’s awareness of the objectives of the UN’s Agenda 2030 for sustainable development. Gresys  highlights their own ecological experiences and commitments through theatrical storytelling.
Gresys is coordinated by Alter Ego X and supported by Erasmus+

GRESYS aims to set up theatrical workshops based on the artistic translation of the Agenda 2030 and on the collection of
young people’s ecological stories.

2 x 15-day theater and writing workshops will give rise to two performances, one in France and one in Italy. 

In January 2024, the first workshop takes place in Paris, France. 20 Young participants work with Bruno Freyssinet and Théo Majcher, writing on stage short forms. Their stories will form the main narrative framework of the two pieces to be created this summer.
The second workshop for artists happens in Palermo, Italy in February 2024, hosted by Teatro alla Guilla.
A final event to present the two performances will take place in each country.


project for the refugees/migrants for positive change mindset, peace and improving mental health by using Yoga as the main tool
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Lotus is supported by Erasmus+

Lotus is starting research for the project.
In the nearest time, all three partners will start designing and gathering useful information on all the subtopics.
Afterwards, with the help of new findings, inspirations and practices, they will design the activities for the 3 sub-themes. (aiming to develop 2 workshops per sub-topic).


The project that allows future citizens to exercise and defend rights/responsibilities in society, to value diversity and to explore democracy in the framework of Olympism 
Olive IMG_2674
O_live is supported by Erasmus+

O_Live is coming to its end.
In the coming months La Transplanisphère will present the methodology we’ve been working on during these following events:

  • “Faire Association En Europe” taking place on the 26.01.24 in Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris
  • Brussels on the 01.02.24 organized by the Region of Paris, Brussels Department.
  • Online presentation on the 09.02.24 hosted by Francas


European theatrical partnership and exchange program using theater as a means of exploration and expression.
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Europefiction is supported by Erasmus+ and OFAJ-DFJW

 March 1-3, 2024, the Europefiction European project group leaders will meet in Saint Vith at Belgian partner Théâtre Agora to prepare for the next summer camp, to be held from July 6 to 14, 2024.
They will also spend time with circus artists who will introduce them to techniques that will be implemented with their group of young participants to create their performances to be presented at the summer camp in Herne, Germany.

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