Conference at the Université libre de Bruxelles

La Transplanisphère heads to Brussels again!

This time, Bruno Freyssinet, the artistic director of the company, took part in the seminar organised by François Forêt: “Narrating Europe” at the Université libre de Bruxelles, funded by Erasmus+.
The event brought together different stories about how Europe is coming together, including politics, ideas and art.


Drawing on his own experience with La Transplanisphère, he talked about the journey, the challenges, and the things that are changing and haven’t changed since the beginning.

The main focus of his presentation was on the New European Bauhaus, emphasising its aims and its potential application in cultural and social programmes.

He also made a link to our project, LeCAKE, which aims to study the ecological transition in culture and is in line with the values
of the New European Bauhaus.

Finally, the university students were invited to take part in the activity and come up with their own ideas for projects based on these values and what they’d
just learned.

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