A day in Brussels with Ile de France Europe


Thanks to the invitation from Ile de France Europe (representative of Ile de France to the EU), the La Transplanisphère team traveled to Brussels to present and share its projects. 

It was a day filled with meetings where our artistic director, Bruno Freyssinet, had the chance to introduce two projects : Oratio Mix and O_live that
epitomize the company’s European work in theater education.

Both projects offer educational sequences, aimed at nurturing students’’ civic commitment and fostering intercultural dialogue through artistic creation.



In the morning, the team met with representatives from the European Education and Culture Executive Agency and Education (EACEA). This provided an excellent platform to showcase the outcomes of our projects and glean insights into future Europe Creative calls for proposals aligning with our initiatives in arts and education.

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Later in the day, Ile de France Europe organized a workshop with representatives from 10 European regions eager to learn more about our projects. During which, Noémie Besace and Mara Kalantzi shared the working methods developed as part of the cooperation partnerships supported by Erasmus+.
This gave participants a chance to experience first-hand a theatrical workshop based on our methods.

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