Polart Circle

Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership cooperation project coordinated by La Transplanisphère. How to create innovative video tools to explore European artistic practices combining art and politics?


is the aim?

To define methods to create art questioning political issues

is involved?

9 European partners including theatre companies, universities and NGO

is it happening?

The project took place from 2016 to 2019

The Aim

The aim was to raise awareness of innovative approaches by combining theatre and citizen debate on a topical issue.

Polart Circle involves artistic companies, schools, universities and NGOs in France, Sweden, Wales, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Croatia and Lithuania. It aims to create a series of MOOCs (online video courses) to help professionals, amateurs or educational actors to create their own artistic projects around political issues.

Since 2010, La Transplanisphère and its partners have gained valuable experience using artistic production to address social concerns.

For Polart Circle, the objective isto adapt this knowledge, combined with the expertise of the partner organisations, into a formal methodology, and to invite contributors to enrich the proposal. The hope is that these tools, once transmitted throughout Europe using MOOCs, inspire and inform other projects crossing art and politics.

The Outcomes

The Pedagogical Framework

In order to define the pedagogical framework for the MOOCs, the partners compared their practical experience with some existing manuals available on several European platforms (Erasmus+, Salto Youth toolbox, EACEA …).

While each of the MOOCs focused on a slightly different approach, they were united by a common value framework; notably, encouraging active participation, fostering interpersonal and intergenerational relations, and providing practical examples of situations which trigger personal expression


To reach the largest possible audience, partners chose an innovative vector of knowledge sharing: the MOOCs (massive online course). Easy to share and to access, this format provided the most contemporary means of reaching the target audience of young people, students, artists, and teachers.

Moreover, it permitted the construction of a community of users sharing their experiences of the tools as well as providing more exemplary material for fellow  creators, within Europe and beyond. 

The Partners


December 2016

Launch of the project in Zagreb, Public Open University and then in Paris, Cité des Sciences.

2017 – Season 1 Writing

6 MOOCs published. 

2018 – Season 2 Staging

6 MOOCs published. 

2019 – Season 3 Performing

6 MOOCs published. 

(Un)easy alliances – #Conversations

Europe creative days 2019, September 4th and 5th 2019, Anis Gras – Arcueil, Grand Paris France. In 2019, Transplanisphere was represented by Bruno Freyssinet at a talk organized by Relais

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Polart Circle – Event Out from Other at Fondation Deutsch de la Meurthe, Cité Internationale, Paris

In the frame of Polart Circle events, Transplanisphere associated with Stand France NGO to organize an event at Fondation Deutsch de la Meurthe – Cité Internationale, Paris, on May 4th 2019

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Polart Circle – Event on Brexit, Sciences Po Paris

January 23 2019. As part of Sciences Po Paris, Rue St Guillaume, 20 students and teachers from different universities and schools in the Paris region were invited to participate in an event as

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Polart Circle _ Partners meeting in Riddarhyttan, October 2018

     The fourth meeting of partners was held in Riddarhyttan (Sweden) on 13 and 14 October 2018, organized by Teatermaskinen. The meeting allowed the partners to take stock of Polart Circle’s

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Polart Circle – Presentation at the 7th EPALE France Thematic Meeting

Presentation of Polart Circle / What pedagogical approaches for adult education? 7th thematic meeting EPALE France On 26 April 2018, EPALE France organised in Paris its 7th thematic meeting on

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Polart Circle – Partners meeting in Athens, March 2018

The third partners meeting happened in Athens in March 2018, 2-3, hosted by ODC Ensemble. The schedule of the meeting allowed the partners to share the first developments of Polart Circle in

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Polart Circle – Paris second partners meeting, April 17

The second partners meeting happened in Paris in April 2017, 22-23, hosted by Transplanisphère at Cité des Sciences. The schedule of the meeting allowed the partners to go deeper in the program

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Polart Circle – Kick-Off Meeting in Zagreb, Croatia, December 2016

1st-4th December 2016 The first kick-off meeting for the Polart Circle project was held in Zagreb, Croatia, by Public Open University. Representatives from each of the partner associations

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