Conference “Towards an intercultural Europe”

Bruno Freyssinet participated in the conference “Towards an Intercultural Europe …” organized by the Syndeac (National Union of Artistic and Cultural Enterprises) in collaboration with Relais Culture Europe. He presented Transplanisphere’s cooperation projects and debated the new forms of European art projects.

Towards an intercultural Europe …
New forms of organization, new forms of responsible alliances for different uses

at the Maison de l’Europe, Paris / Monday, October 28, 2019, from 6 pm to 9 pm

Presentation text of the conference

Art and Culture respond to the pressing question of interculturality, which should base our principles of action for a better understanding of peoples, a prerequisite for greater mobility of populations and practices: what role for artists in issues cooperation in Europe? Which organizations towards greater social responsibility? What conditions for creation?

Introduction: Nicolas Dubourg, Vignette Theater – Paul Valéry University

Moderation: Pascal Brunet, Relais Culture Europe Director

“How to create transdisciplinary alliances, between institutions and non-institutions, how to work with others, including with adversaries? ”
Mylène Lauzon, director of “La Bellone” in Brussels, this Quebec artist comes to testify of her Belgian experience: how young women, act in a political context tense by ethnic differences and migrations?
Think about diplomacy within the project, register different uses, encourage the development of concrete solutions. To think of an economic model of political cooperation or a political economy of cooperation, with the aim of horizontal action. International networks, the economy of cooperation.

“Youth and mobility”
Bruno Freyssinet, designer and artistic director of the projects, Transplanisphere.
Hybrid cooperation projects that combine performing arts, pedagogy and civic engagement. With the help of Erasmus +, European art teams are partnering with NGOs and institutions to question the link between art and politics. Presentation of the projects Polart Circle, Grow from Seeds and Open European Societies.

“The issues of cooperation impact the public and the life of the place”
Cécile Backès, director of the Comédie de Béthune questions the role of artists in a territory crossed by social and environmental difficulties. A new generation of projects is changing the game: moving towards more transversal partnerships, the cultural structures of the live show are associated with others: companies, museums, universities, associations … These new experiences are carriers of issues both artistic and political, exciting for cultural structures like ours.

“The territories seize Europe”
Stéphane Bigata, President of the Commission Cultures, Europe Ecology The Greens
Local development, rural and peri-urban development, intersectoral cooperation, the animation of territories, the conditions of creation are all subjects for which we wish to progress with the Regions. Art and Culture are a factor of cohesion of peoples.


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