LeCake Train : launching in October 22

LeCake Train has been selected by Erasmus+ in July 2022. It will start in October for 2 years. It associates 8 partners from France, Germany, Italy, Hungary, Greece and Portugal.

LeCake is a European cultural innovation project which is part of the ecological transition.

For two years, LeCake Train first objective is to mobilise 7 European cultural organisations associated with a think tank in an ecological transition process.

Noting that this approach must be aimed at the long term, the organisations want to equip themselves with a common base of knowledge, skills and resources. They will thus be “equipped” to lead their transformation.

For their programme, the partners have defined 4 themes to be explored and transformed into educational modules. These modules will be shared and tested internally with 20 associated partners, then evaluated.

Then, the partners will publish and promote these tools (Creative Commons license) in order to make them available to cultural actors in the broad sense, including education and citizenship.

This collection of tools will consist of 4 chapters of 4 modules, i.e. 16 modules:

  1. international benchmarks (Green Deal, New Bauhaus, UN17, IPCC)
  2. proposals from the Shift Project think tank and its programme for decarbonising culture, in a version adapted to small European cultural organisations
  3. agile models as factors of innovation (fablabs, living labs, hackathons…)
  4. artists’ proposals for creative tools to stimulate future European cultural and sustainable projects



La Transplanisphere — France, Paris latransplanisphere.com (coordinator)

Ex-Quorum — Portugal, Evora facebook.com/exquorum/

Teatro Rigodon — Italy, Rieti teatrorigodon.it

La métonymie / Le sas – France, Paris Le sas, groupe science-art-société

The Shift Project – France, Paris theshiftproject.org

Ohi Pezoume / Urban Dig project – Greece, Athens urbandigproject.org

Pro Progressione – Hungary, Budapest proprogressione.com

forum kunstvereint e.V. / Consol Theatre – Germany, Gelsenkirchen consoltheater.de

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