Grow From Seeds

Grow From Seeds

Theatre Education program for primary school teachers and their pupils in the field of intercultural education.

is the aim?

To help primary school teachers integrate intercultural education into their clasrooms using theatrical techniques.

is involved?

6 European partners are brought together in an Erasmus+ funded Strategic Partnership.

is it happening?

The program will run from 2018-2019.

The Aim

The aim of Grow From Seeds is to design an education program that will provide new learning opportunities for primary school teachers and their pupils in the field of intercultural education.

By fostering intercultural dialogue, the project responds to the priorities of the European Parliament to challenge extremism through social inclusion, active citizenship and student empowerment.

Who does it benefit?


For the students, the education modules will be based on writing and acting with a program animated by their teachers, with the help of guest speakers. The students will gain an increased capacity for empathy and understanding of different cultures. 


For teachers, the 5-day training (in Ireland, under the direction of the Ministry of Education) wil offer quality teaching and learning activities focused on the development of knowledge, skills and values to integrate methodologies in their classes. 

The Partners


2018 – 2019

Development and publication of the Grow From Seeds methodology and handbook, available online and as an  e-book. For more resources see

July 2018

La Transplanisphère conducted workshops in Pantin – Courtillières Park, to test the Grow From Seeds methodology, culminating in the production of a short play by the students. 

17th October 2019

Round table discussion, County Kildare, Ireland.  

28th-29th November 

Transnational partners meeting

17th January 2020

Grow From Seeds Conference.