Cooperation projects

30 international partners have been associated since 2011

La Transplanisphère has been developing cooperation projects since 2011. The success of each project relies on partners, most of whom are established in European Union countries, although others hail from further afield (United States, Armenia, Iceland, etc.).

More than half of the partners are artistic organisations (theatre companies, art schools). The rest are universities, schools, NGO’s or other non-profit cultural organisations.

These cooperation projects are made possible by European funding managed by the EACEA agency of the European Commission. La Transplanisphère has been fortunate enough to receive support from the programs Europe Culture, Erasmus+ and Europe for Citizens.

These funds are supplemented by national, regional or local public support (Ministry of Culture, Region, Department, City), as well as by private foundations (Robert Bosch Stiftung, Hippocrene Foundation).

European, public, and private funding

Last round of The Creative Commune!

Last week, our partners, Cergy University, hosted the international conference “Gestes, rythmes et mouvements du commun” during which the last round of Creative Commune took place. On Friday, all

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Culture and Entrepreneurship forum

The 9th edition of the forum brought together cultural players under the aegis of the Ministry of Culture The “Entreprendre dans la culture” forum was held from 4 to 6 July at the

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LeCAKE Train selected by the Seine Saint Denis’ call Agir

LeCAKE Train is led by a European consortium from Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy and Portugal. It is already supported by Erasmus+ Strategic Partnerships and the Paris Europe Label. The Call to

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Europefiction 2023

From 29 July to 5 August 2023, the Europefiction camp will be held in Dortmund at KJT Dortmund. For 8 days, 150 young people will be practising art and theatre together and performing in public.

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Next workshop in Lesbos for Theater Makes Politics

The next workshop in the Theater Makes Politics project will be held in Lesbos, Greece, from 26 September to 2 October 2023. The partners will present and test the four Theater Makes Politics

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End of the project Europefiction Academy

The project Europefiction Academy ended in June 2023. Thanks to this project, which began in September 2021, ten artistic companies from France, the Netherlands, Portugal, Hungary, Belgium and

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End of the project Oratio Mix

The Oratio mix project addresses the issue of intercultural dialogue in Europe, which is both a priority and a sensitive subject depending on the country concerned. It aims to question relations

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Launch of the project Gresys

GRESYS – Green stories from youth to stage is an ERASMUS+ small-scale partnership project in the youth field, run by an Italian and two French cultural organisations: Teatro alla Guilla, La

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